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 commercial Reel

film techniques
With Marcus giamatti

the bald soprano
by Eugene Ionesco

Devised by Anti-Play, the Contemporary Theater ensemble class of 2020, and directed by David Gammons.
This production went on tour to the Orlando Winter Mini-Festival and to the Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival in 2019.

the house guest
full film

the bathroom
full film

a response to Qurban

A completely devised response play with music, focused around telling the story of a group of refugee boys and exploring how actors can tell their story without appropriating it. Devised by Anti-Play and Mauricio Salgado, James Montano, Alli Ross, An-lin Dauber, and Anais Azul.  KCACF Awards: The Kennedy Center Citizen Artist Awards, Distinguished Production of A Devised Work, and Outstanding Sound and Design Composition.

a midsummer night's dream

This production was devised by Anti-Play, The Dirty Dozen (the Boston Conservatory ensemble class of 2021), and Kate Armory, Joy Arcolano, Seth Robert, Francis Xavier Norton, and Erin Kearney.

Susanne McDonald Commercial VO Demo
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