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"Devising theatre (making theatre either from scratch or based on classic texts) is something I am incredibly passionate about.

Collaborating creatively within an ensemble of people with a range of varying talents is essential to exploring what theatre and storytelling can be."

The Bald Soprano by Eugene Ionesco

Devised by Anti-Play, the Contemporary Theater ensemble class of 2020, and directed by David Gammons.
This production went on tour to the Orlando Winter Mini-Festival and to the Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival in 2019.

Displaced: A Response to Qurban

A completely devised response play with music, focused around telling the story of a group of refugee boys and exploring how actors can tell their story without appropriating it. Devised by Anti-Play and Mauricio Salgado, James Montano, Alli Ross, An-lin Dauber, and Anais Azul.  KCACF Awards: The Kennedy Center Citizen Artist Awards, Distinguished Production of A Devised Work, and Outstanding Sound and Design Composition.

A Midsummer Night's Dream

This production was devised by Anti-Play, The Dirty Dozen (the Boston Conservatory ensemble class of 2021), and Kate Armory, Joy Arcolano, Seth Robert, Francis Xavier Norton, and Erin Kearney.

The Viola and Contemporary Theatre Project

This is a completely devised text, music, and movement piece by Susanne McDonald and Peter Fletcher with texts from Dante and Shakespeare and a variety of featured music. 

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