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new york based actor


     Susanne is an actor, grounded by her passion and dedication to her craft. Don’t be fooled by her sweet southern hospitality, she’s fierce, passionate and gritty, and fueled to always dive deeper because of her background in devising theatre. Her sense of self-assurance is always overshadowed by her warm, empathetic soul, one that deeply values different perspectives and cherishes a sense of community. 

     In the shadows hides a genuine fear: a fear of alienating those she holds dear, and a dread that her unwavering pursuit of transformative work might fail to meet her high standards. This insecurity sometimes manifests in a need for control and prove herself beneath this steadfast persona. 

     Nevertheless, it's this blend of raw openness, eagerness, resilience, and commitment to broadening horizons that truly sets Susanne apart. It paves the way for her to produce daring and prestigious art, a platform where she not only captivates audiences with potent performances but also shapes and innovates the work herself. In Susanne, we see an actor who constantly pushes boundaries, fearlessly embracing her vulnerabilities to create art that resonates and challenges the status quo.

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  • Born and raised in Charleston, South Carolina 

  • Calls the marsh home but currently lives in New York City 

  • Local Hire in South Carolina, NYC, LA, ATL, and NC 

  • Received a BFA in Contemporary Theatre for the Boston Conservatory at Berklee 

  • Classical Shakespeare Semester Diploma from LAMDA 

  • Dual Drama Diploma South Carolina Governor’s School of the Arts and Humanities 

  • Passionate about raising mental health awareness 

  • Donates to Parkinson's research every year  

  • And will pet every dog she sees on the street 

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